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foto histoTambopaxi was built at the beginning of the new millennium as a refuge for climbers to become acclimatized to the altitude and prepare to follow in the footsteps of Humboldt and Whymper by attempting the Cotopaxi summit.

The construction was designed to minimize the impact on the environment by using local materials and traditional techniques. The walls are made from tightly packed bales of hay enclosed with wattle and daub. The roof is thatched with the long grass that grows in the páramo and a layer of bricks and pumice stone, providing additional insulation and soundproofing. Double glazed panoramic windows enable visitors to contemplate the ever-changing scenery at any time of the night or day, whatever the weather.

Thanks to a growing desire to visit Ecuador's natural wonderlands, Hotel Tambopaxi Lodge has grown from its rugged origins to provide the most discerning local and international travelers and tourists. The hotel now offers suites with king-sized beds, wood burning stoves and unforgettable views that are suitable for families or romantic getaways. The restaurant is open eighteen hours a day to cater for climbers that leave in the early hours of the morning and we provide lunchboxes with rations suitable for high altitudes.

Families and other guests are free to enjoy a late breakfast and view the mountain from the comfort of the dinging room.

Wifi is available throughout the hotel.

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