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Tambopaxi, or lodging place of the moon in Quichua, is an ecological hotel and mountain refuge that nestles at the foot of the famed Cotopaxi volcano.

At 3,720 meters above sea level, Hotel Tambopaxi Lodge is the only hotel inside the Cotopaxi National Park. Situated on the edge the volcano's boulder field, guests enjoy unparalleled views of the snow-capped peak, which rises to 5,897 meters. Surrounded by other volcanoes, the park is a haven for wild life such as the Andean fox, white tailed deer and even spectacled bears. Plant lovers can observe how different species of alpine plant have adapted to life at different altitudes, from the subpáramo grasslands right up to the superpáramo just below the snow line. Cyclists and hikers can roam for miles over the rugged moonscape of the boulder field and glacial moraine, which offers a glimpse of Cotopaxi's violent history. Under the moonlight and stars the landscape is transformed into a magical-realist canvas that reflects Latin American's most famous literary tradition.

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